Beneficial Scam episode 1 plot review, Han Moo-young gives up her career for the sake of benefit

Han Moo-young, a lawyer who empathizes with others more than his own work, is forced to seek psychiatric treatment because he fears he may die if he continues to live like this.

After spending 10 years in prison for killing his parents, he is finally released from prison when the real culprit shows up one day.

Beneficial Scam episode 1 plot review, Han Moo-young gives up her career for the sake of benefit

Beneficial Fraud Episode 1 Plot

On a black night, a girl sets herself on fire. Who is this girl and where is this house?
The girl grew up and became a woman. No one would have guessed she was a prisoner if she hadn’t been dressed in a prisoner’s uniform.
Her name is Benefit.
Han Moo-young, a lawyer, was a talented man with a rumored reputation on the streets of Seocho-dong. But he is also called a vampire because he has no blood, tears, or heart.
Is he really as cold as rumored?

Well, if he was, he wouldn’t have spent so much time looking at a woman who staged a one-man protest claiming that her son had died a year after she gave him up for adoption.
In fact, he suffers from hypersensitivity syndrome, which used to cause him to collapse in the middle of a trial because he was more agitated than his client.

Of course, empathy is important, but a lawyer who can’t win a trial is incompetent.

In the end, he had to seek psychiatric treatment in order to survive and continue his work.
Irum is on the phone with someone. She asks how long it will take, and the person on the other end of the line says she’ll hear about it in the news.

What will we see?
A new inmate in her cell starts harassing her. But Iruim simply takes it in stride.

That’s strange. No one is asking her to clean the cell, which means she has the highest rank in the cell, so why is she standing still?

Suddenly, the real culprit of the incident that brought Iruim to prison is caught. He was arrested for illegal weapons possession and confessed to the case against Irum’s parents.

Her parents were found burned to death, and Irum’s firearms were found at the scene, but two of the bodies had gunshot wounds.

When Han Moo-young hears the real killer say that he killed people for fun, he manages to keep a straight face, but inside he is seething with rage.
Moo-young does something reckless that could cost him his entire career. He immediately releases the recording of his client to the media.
This turns the tide of public opinion in her favor, and her prison sentence is commuted to probation.

On the day he finally gets out of the dreaded prison, Irum is told that his lawyer has sent him some clothes, and he walks out of the prison wearing them.

But it’s not his lawyer waiting for him, it’s Han Moo-young.

He says he bought new clothes because he didn’t want to wear the ones he was wearing when he went in, and Io-reum wonders who would think that.
Park Kyu, the head of Han Moo-young’s law firm, who’s worried about her, asks what she’s done to him and reveals that she’s hired him as her lawyer for the state damages case.
The next day, Moo-young meets with I-rum, and when she looks cold, he takes off his clothes and orders three different drinks for her, since she doesn’t seem to know how to use a kiosk after being in prison for 10 years.

She says it’s the first time someone has ever treated her so warmly, and tearfully reveals that everything has been so hard.

But Moo-young realizes that something isn’t right with her.

Ro-um’s behavior when she doesn’t think he’s looking at her seems a little different than what he’s showing her. Moo-young wonders if she’s a sociopath or psychopath, someone who’s used to taking advantage of good people.

People like Moo-young who are sympathetic are very good prey for them, and Moo-young has to avoid them.

Moo-young decides to turn her suspicions into conviction. He begins to investigate the benefits.

According to Lee’s prison motivation, she put a knife to a guard’s throat on her first day in prison.

*This was because the guard had sexually harassed and molested her.
She had always been labeled a problem prisoner, and she was a master at identifying and exploiting other people’s weaknesses.

Those who were victimized by her would lose sleep over their fears.
A probation officer was assigned to her. His name is Serene. He makes a bizarre, one-sided promise to meet him outside his residence at 8:00 a.m. with a cell phone.

*White skin, red lips, vampires seem to be this way.

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