Ten Pet Snake Health Tips

When you first start out learning how to look after a pet snake you find out that there is a lot to learn, but you quickly realize that most of it just makes common sense when it comes to properly caring for your pet snake health and wellbeing. The fundamental things to be aware of … Read more

Malic Acid: Dog Teeth Cleaning Plus Much More

Malic acid is both developed and then consumed in significant quantities by your dog’s body daily. It is needed on a constant basis because it is a critical part of the Krebs cycle. This is the process in which the body uses biochemical processes to produce water and energy. The British biochemist Sir Hans Krebs … Read more

How to Litter Train a Cat

For most cat owners, training their cat to use the litter is a relatively painless process. It is among a cat’s natural instincts to eliminate in an area that they can cover their feces in. This behavior may be a way of your cat accepting what they perceive to be as the natural order of … Read more

Cure You Barn-Sour or Herd-Bound Horse

Barn sour horses are unpleasant and dangerous to deal with. They usually become like this by getting away with this kind of behavior or not being ridden away from home or their friends for a long time. They do not want to leave the barn or their friends behind and will more than likely come … Read more